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    Randy Lewis

    The drag and drop midi file from Repeto does not contain any Sysex Data. Without this data it cannot be dropped or imported into Cubase.

    I imported a dragged MIDI clip on my desktop from Repeto into a MIDI editor (MidiKit by Mixage Software) and got the following error messages:
    The extension/type should be fixed.
    The tempo/signature needs to be fixed.
    Missing a reset sysex message.

    After some experimenting I found that all I had to do within the editor was ‘Fix Missing Sysex Reset Message’ and then I was able to import the Repeto MIDI file from my desktop into Cubase without any problems.

    Would it be possible to add Sysex Message data to the exported Repeto MIDI?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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