REPETO Standard

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REPETO Standard is a MIDI looper and sequencer for live performance, improvisation and recording.

Records, overdubs and loops MIDI note data.

Recorded loop can be manipulated by overdubbing new notes and by manipulating recording, loop length, quantization and playback parameters in real-time.

Available in AU MIDI FX and VSTi format plugins. OSX 10.9+ (64-bit only).

Repeto Standard manual


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  • Real-time loop length control with 12 snapshot buttons, from 1/16 to 64 bars.
  • Overdub and punch recording modes. Punch mode enables recording of new notes while deleting old ones.
  • Real-time non-destructive quantization, quantization amount and swing controls, 9 quantization rates from 1/64 to 1/4.
  • Loop playback pitch, velocity and note length controls.
  • Piano roll display for MIDI note data.
  • MIDI file import and export with drag and drop functionality.
  • Displays for input, loop and output MIDI notes.
  • MIDI learn functionality for all controls.
  • One month trial version available

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macOS Demo, macOS Full

Plugin versions

Plugin versions (VST and AU)

All plugin parameters can be controlled from the host application via automation.
The plugin follows tempo and playback position and state of the host application.
The plugin records and plays only when the host application playback is enabled.

AU MIDI FX plugin

AU version of the plugin is a MIDI FX plugin.
In Logic Pro X you can find the plugin from MIDI FX/Audio Units/Repeto.

AU Requirements:

  • OSX 10.7+
  • AudioUnit compatible host application with MIDI FX capability (Logic Pro X, Mainstage)
  • MIDI sound source (virtual or hardware)

VSTi plugin

VSTi version does not generate any audio, it has a dummy stereo audio output which always generates silence.
In order to hear and record any MIDI, the plugin must be placed on a MIDI instrument channel in the host application and the MIDI output from the instrument channel must be routed to a MIDI instrument (virtual or external).

VSTi Requirements:

  • OSX 10.7+
  • VSTi compatible host application with MIDI routing capabilities
  • MIDI sound source (virtual or hardware)